Year: 2010


Rocking the Casbah (14/11/2010)

Pérsio Nóbrega tá voando… Desculpas ao pessoal que sempre vejo mas não sei o nome!!! From Rocking the Casbah (14/11/2010). Posted by Christian Herzog on 11/14/2010 (16 items) inside barrel Arthur Sampaio SNI new generation Peak going left Pérsio Nóbrega Pérsio Nóbrega Wild Nature SNI – New Generation SNI Pérsio Nóbrega #1 Pérsio Nóbrega #2 […]


Day after day, ride after ride…19/10/2010

From Day after day, ride after ride…19/10/2010. Posted by Christian Herzog on 10/19/2010 (19 items) Paradise Felipe "Quintão" Felipe "Quintão" Felipe "Quintão" Felipe "Quintão" Felipe "Quintão" Vini Vini Vini Felipe "Quintão" Ricardo Gui Gui Gui Jean Gui Vini clean magic… Generated by Facebook Photo Fetcher 2


This is Australia – 19/09/2010

From This is Australia – 19/09/2010. Posted by Christian Herzog on 9/19/2010 (35 items) myself clean myself myself peak left ?? ??? que que é isso… animal! perfect uau!!! nice colors Alex Iabrude Right nossa !!! Alex Iabrude Clear Little Thaiti Meu Deus… Meu Deus… Meu Deus… Left André Negão OMG SIC! Right Generated by […]

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